Mission Statement

We, the people of St Stephen’s Catholic Parish, are called by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to live and to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ by being a loving, welcoming, and serving Christian Community.

Long Term Parish Goals
We will live out our mission through:

  • Formation
  • Outreach
  • Worship
  • Community Life (Hospitality)
  • Stewardship
  • Spiritual and Physical Growth of our Parish Family.


Improve our adult enrichment programs for all members of our adult faith community by:
1.    Creating opportunities for group study,
2.    Encouraging and nurture more youth participation,
3.    Maintaining and updating our website on a regular basis,
4.    Planning for a Parish Mission in 2015,
5.    Encouraging new parents to complete their children’s baptism preparation at St. Stephen’s,
6.    Making available RCIA courses as required, and
7.    Promoting Archdiocese activities, whenever possible.

Assist parents with the teaching of the faith to children by:
1.    promoting Children’s Liturgy ministry during Sunday mass,
2.    promoting RCIC at Father Lacombe Catholic School,
3.    Promoting activities/communication between church and school (such as church sponsored contests),
4.    Encouraging the formation of a youth group for the parish,
5.    And promoting more youth involved in Mass-Liturgy/Music Ministries.
Improve communication/service within the Parish and with the larger community.
Within Our Parish
1.    Promote social services of church; outreach fund, pastoral care, food bank, assistance to church, and better communication and outreach activities between Parish Council and our Parish Family.
2.    Update and make available data base of parishioners.

With the community at large:
1.    Promote and participate in the local Ministerial Association;
2.    Continue to participate in the meals on wheels program;
3.    Ecumenical activities;
4.    Repatriate members who have left the church.



Give praise and thanks through the “full, active and conscious participation” of the gathered assembly by:
1.    Continuing baptism during mass,
2.    Promoting special liturgical celebrations,
3.    Encouraging special meditations (eg. rosary, the Stations of the Cross, reconciliations), and
4.    Preparing meaningful services and liturgies for hospital shut-ins and lodge residents.

Community Life (Hospitality)

Improve our sense of belonging to a loving, warm community in the parish by
1.    Ensuring all members of the parish feel they belong,
2.    Signage (all welcome),
3.    Developing a welcoming ministry (introduce new members of our faith community),
4.    Having greeters with name tags,
5.    Promoting social activities, within the Parish, such as turkey supper, parish BBQ, Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast and fish fry, coffee Sundays, support for school activities, work bees, and a youth group.
6.    Organizing activities to strengthen families such as marriage encounter, recognition and celebration of anniversaries / birthdays, support for single parents, baby welcome, etc.


Foster involvement of more parishioners in various parish ministries through
1.    Stewardship Sunday,
2.    More training on ministries, and
3.    Building parish family relationships.
Spiritual & Physical Growth of our Parish Family
1.    Build a new church to accommodate the growing needs of our Catholic Community.
2.    Increase revenue to provide for the economic success of our church.
3.    Encourage more active participation by our faith community.
4.    Foster more opportunities for growth by encouraging more active Parish Family dialogue.
Parish Input-Planning the Strategy
1.    Update, on an annual basis, the Stewardship list and publish results to respective committee chairs.
2.    Facilitate a suggestion box.
3.    Update 3 year plan.